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Tuesday, May 07, 2013


I'm moving right along on my Bluebelle Cardigan (that isn't blue at all).  This is a wonderful project - perfect for TV knitting.  I'm also really enjoying knitting with my handspun.  I should really knit with it more often - of course, I also need to spin more.  Max is showing a bit more maturity lately (and sleeping more during the day), maybe I can safely spin now!

We're getting into the End Of Year Crazies around here.  Field trips, final concerts, all those last minute things Caleb has at school, and all those last minute things I try to get done before he's home for the Summer.  I love this time of year because it's so much fun for everyone, but it's also so busy.  I feel like we need that first week of Summer just to BE.  I can't believe we're almost through with Sixth Grade either - how did that happen?  It seems like it wasn't that long ago that I was dropping him off for preschool.  He adored preschool!  Sixth Grade, not so much, but he's had a good year academically and socially (he thinks school wastes important gaming time).  He's decided to drop band next year and take some computer classes for his electives.  The computer classes are definitely more his thing, but we're really proud of him for learning as much as he did in band.  He's enjoyed his year of band, but I think he'll be happier in the computer classes.

Wow, this was a rambly post this morning.  Hope you're all enjoying the End of Year Crazies at your house if you've got them!

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Blogger The kind of beauty that moves. said...

I work at a library and I know so I had to write this joke.

Why should you always wear your sweater to the library?

'Cuz they're going to want to see your Card-Again.

ba dump ching.

4:57 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

We're pretty much in the same place. Crazy school events for both kids almost every night. We definitely will need that first week for layabout. My end-of-sixth-grader spent the year on "the wheel" so he had 4 10-week sessions in different subjects, including music (learning recorder), but will spend 7th Grade in the computer lab like yours. I'm talking him into learning the light board in the auditorium next year to get him ready for being on the Tech Crew in high school (so he, his sister and I can all be at choir concerts together for a couple of years) and he's really looking forward to that. Have a great end of year!

12:05 PM  

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