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Friday, May 17, 2013

Camp Loopy 2013

I've got my yarn for the first project of Camp Loopy 2013!  This first challenge is to knit a project using 375 yard or more of a single skein of a fingering or lace weight yarn you have never used.  I chose Mini Maiden from Hand Maiden Yarns in Peacock.  (I realized this morning that I might already have some of this in my stash, but I know that I have never actually used any of it.)  My hiking group is the Mt. Fiberopolis group.  (They divide all the campers up into smaller groups to keep the camp chatter on the Ravelry group under control.)  My original pattern choice is for the Bias Before and After Scarf.  It's the kind of simple project I know I'll wear a lot, and should be perfect in the multicolored hand dyed yarn.

I've since added Rondelay (which is an elongated shawl that would wear like a scarf) and Rufflebye (which would wear the same way) as possibilities.  These two shawls would be a little more interesting to knit, and while they're not difficult, they wouldn't be strictly auto-pilot knitting either.  The scarf would be pure auto-pilot knitting.  Looking at the schedule around here for June, the scarf will definitely be doable (the first project is to be knit June 1-30).  The shawls might be doable.  On the other hand, it's possible I could fizzle out on the scarf where the shawls have enough going on they might keep my interest.  Or the shawls could take too much attention, which I might not have time to deal with, so they might get pushed to the side.

See where I'm at?  I'm going to sit down this weekend and read through the shawl directions (I've already bought all three patterns) and see how much actual undivided attention they'll need before I finalize my decision.  If you guys want to weigh in on the comments, feel free!  The more opinions, the merrier, right?

Have a great weekend

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Anonymous scmommyknits said...

Hi Melanie! I am knitting Rufflebye right now and can attest to the fact that, while lovely, it is NOT true "autopilot" knitting... have had to tink a few times due to not having read directions closely. Word to the wise :-)

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

That Before and After pattern looks great. I'm going to steal your idea of knitting that; a young woman in my 92-year-old mom's church has been doing her laundry for a couple of years and she ALWAYS wears a scarf, so I'm going to make it for her as a thank-you. (I live 3,000 miles away from my mom or I'd do her laundry myself, obviously.) That's a win/win -- a Camp Loopy project and a perfect gift all in one. Score! Thanks. :)

I was looking for some autopilot knitting -- my main project, which I can't use for Camp Loopy, is a large and intricate lace shawl as a wedding gift for my niece. I knit one for her sister a couple years ago, and by the covetousness in her eyes, I knew I'd have to knit one for her, too, when the time came. The knitting corners we back ourselves into! :)

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Lael said...

Not knowing your breaking point where you get bored with auto pilot knitting, I will say that in my experience colored yarns at least make auto pilot projects fun and interesting. So maybe you wouldn't get bored as quickly?

11:27 AM  

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