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Monday, May 13, 2013

This Weekend

This weekend we had a family adventure!  We went to Scarborough Renaissance Festival.  It's just south of Dallas and runs every weekend of April and May.  It was perfect weather - sunny and breezy, and there are lots of trees all through the site.  We really enjoyed it, and even Caleb had fun (and admitted to learning a few things - accidentally of course).  The only thing I got pictures of was the birds of prey demonstration, but we ended up being in a really great place - right next to one of the bird handlers (falconers?)  The demonstration is done by Last Chance Forever, a bird of prey rescue and rehabilitation center.
The falcons were fascinating (there was also an owl and a vulture, but I didn't get good photos of them), but my favorite part was the Bald Eagle.  Getting to see one of these magnificent birds up close was amazing!
The day wasn't all about the birds though.  As anyone who's ever been to a medieval/renaissance fair knows, the people watching alone is worth the price of admission.  There were lords and ladies, wenches, pirates, fairies, elves, tree people, barbarians, gypsies, and a couple of hobbits.  There was even a dragon, who I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of.  He had the most amazing costume - leather, covered in scales, and gold and green, and I'm really sorry I didn't get a picture, but I can try to describe the costume all day and it won't do it justice.  There was also way too much food eaten (much of it on a stick, of course), but these kinds of things must involve copious amounts of food on a stick to be properly enjoyed.

At the end of the day, Mickael spotted something for me, that I knew would be perfect for Ruby Mae (that's her name).  This little pewter pincushion!  Now she has a friend, even when Max is otherwise occupied!  I'll leave you with a bad iPhone picture of a Great Horned Owl.  He did that turning the head thing that owls do - Caleb was very impressed!



Blogger Edana ni Emer said...

Hey, cool that you got out to Scarbie. My husband and I spend every weekend out there as best we can, and it looks like you got one of the last Really Good Weather weekends.

Next time you go out, you might check out the History, Customs, and Manners educational show. I know for a fact at least one of their lessons was on the economy of 1533 England, including the wool industry.

6:28 PM  

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