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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A Sleeve, A Striped Sleeve!

I have finished knitting my first sleeve for Milano!  Note that I didn't claim to have finished weaving in ends on the sleeve.  I haven't even started on the sleeve's ends yet.  Usually I work both sleeves together, but Milano has different sleeves!  (Isn't it exciting?)  This is the cool colored sleeve.  It has all the colors, but the wide stripes are in the cooler colors, with the warm colors in narrow stripes.  The other  one is the warm colored sleeve.

If I don't get on the weaving in of ends, I won't ever be able to sew this sweater together and wear it!  I'm thinking I might need to set a timer for a specific End Weaving In Time every day.  Then I won't get bogged down in it, but it will get done.  That's probably the responsible thing to do.



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