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Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's Possible I'm Part Zebra

Yes, there are more stripes coming - another striped pullover to be exact!  At some point either during my Red Velvet stripes or my Milano stripes, Ravello came out and I "favorited" it in Ravelry.  Then, a couple of days later, I realized I could knit it from stash yarns!  I double checked yardage, but sure enough I had the yarn for it upstairs.  This is Peruvian Baby Cashmere from Elann (whose stock looks pretty picked over at the moment) and I had three colors in my stash, clearly waiting for Ravello.  You'll have to wait and see what the other two colors are!

In other news around here, last week Max had an eye issue happen, in both eyes this time.  It's happened in one eye before, but we were able to get it easily sorted out or it went away on it's own.  This time was different though and it wasn't going to clear up without surgery.  So on Monday Max had surgery on both eyes.  He was a little trooper and came through it well, but when he came home he spent that first night growling at Mickael, Caleb, and a door.  He was fine with Logan and I.  (Logan deserves a shout out through all of this.  He's been sweet and gentle to Max the whole time, even when Max would try to start a wrestling match, Logan wouldn't rough house with him.  Until yesterday.  Apparently Max is close enough to 100% by Logan's standards that it's go time.)  On Tuesday, Max was fine with Caleb and the door, but when Mickael got home from work, Max growled at him and then trotted down the hall and upstairs - growling the whole way.  He then proceeded to get lost (in the house) for 3 hours which resulted in everyone searching the house when it was time for more eyedrops.  Finally, late Tuesday evening, right before bed, he stopped growling at Mickael and starting treating him normally.  We have no idea why Mickael (or Caleb, or the door) needed growling at, and we may never know, but thankfully things are settling down around here and Max seems to be healing quickly. His eyesight seems to be unchanged and we're thankful for good vets and a healthy cat!

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