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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Half A Sock

I am at the halfway point on the second black sock.  At least at the point I call the halfway point.  I'm not sure exactly where the halfway point of a sock is, but I always think of the leg as one half and the heel and foot as the second half.  Please don't tell me if this isn't the half.  In my head, it's the halfway mark, so I'm halfway done with this sock.

Did I mention this is the second black sock?  That means I only have to knit another half of a sock and I'm finished with the pair of black socks!  I'm so ready to knit socks that are not black.  This second one is going faster and easier than the first one.  I think that's primarily because I'm only knitting it during the day, sitting by the window.  I have almost grabbed it a few evenings to knit while I watch TV, but have reminded myself not to, and I grabbed something else instead.  I think that's made a huge difference in how this sock is going.

In addition to being black, and therefore absorbing all light around it, the yarn is also a bit splitty.  It's not the most irritating of splitty yarns I've ever worked with (that honor goes to a cotton and rayon blend I used when I was a newer knitter), but it's definitely got a bit of splitty-ness to to it which doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy towards it.

On a positive note however, I do still like the pattern and I could see this in other colors working out quite well.  Even a nice navy blue would be better!

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Blogger Isaac, Emily, and Laura said...

I used this pattern to knit a pair of plain bland beige socks for my husband. As annoying as the black, except more visible. But I, too, really enjoyed the pattern; the socks fit really well, although they're pretty warm because of the density of the pattern. That, unfortunately, meant I needed to then knit him another pair of plain bland beige socks in stockinette for warmer weather. You just can't win when you knit work socks for men, can you? :)

2:20 PM  

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