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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Forward Momentum

It has slowed.  I’ve only worked a few rounds on my blanket in the last couple of days and the difference isn’t even noticeable to me, so there’s no point in a picture.  I can look at the chart and see that there just isn’t that much more to go, but the stitch count is over 400 per round at this point (it will be 500+ at the end) so it seems like each round takes some time.  On the other hand, I know that as long as I keep knitting when I can, I will get there, and in plenty of time.  Slow and steady…

Ravelry project page link.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Often I do not see any comments after your posts, but I want you to know that I regularly read your blog. You have given me so many good ideas about patterns, yarns and needles. I really enjoy reading your posts. I just don't have much time to write. I guess you can thank PAX for affording me the opportunity to leave you a comment. I love your Hemlock Ring Blanket!

6:48 AM  

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