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Friday, April 25, 2014

Trillian Is Finished!

This has been a productive week of finishing things!  I’ve now finished my Trillian Blue.  I really love the way the yarn worked in this pattern.  (Could I finally have the answer to Lorna’s Laces?)  I also love this shape of scarf/shawl because while it is triangular, and you can wear it as a shawl, it’s such a narrow triangle, it’s just as easy to wear as a scarf.  Not everyone feels comfortable in a shawl, but most of us can handle a scarf with no issues, so it’s easy to gift.
Here it is draped over Fifi’s shoulders like a regular shawl.  This would be cute with a white sundress,  sexy sandals, red lipstick, and a yacht.
If you put the point in the front and wrap the tails around your neck and let them hang in the front, it’s a very casual look, but can quickly be pulled over your lower face for your next bank job or train heist.
You can wrap it around your neck with one tail crossed and thrown over your shoulder.  This would give you a casually competent air when paired with linen cargo pants, hiking boots and a loose jacket as you lead a scientific team studying lions in Africa.  Also, the lions will look great wearing it after they eat you.  The blues and whites will really pop against their tawny coats.
And finally, since it is a scarf, you could fold it, wrap it and pull the tails through the loop, before tucking it into your heavy, wool overcoat and dashing about London solving crimes.

Clearly, the options are there and the Trillian is ready for all kinds of adventures!  Here’s my Rav project page if you need any more information about it.

Have a great weekend!

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Blogger Mindy said...

Are you auditioning to write for the J. Peterman catalog?! I love it!

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