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Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Katama Tank

After last week’s freak cold snap around here, the temps have been much more May-like for the area. It’s time to get my Katama Tank finished up!  I’m just about to divide the front from the back in the next round or two!

This project does move quickly, but I had set it aside while it got cold around here.  Now that I’m almost to the lace section, it should get more fun to knit than the stockinette was.  I don’t mind a project like this (and I do like stockinette stitch), because I can get through the stockinette section while I’m excited about the new project.  Then, when I settle down into the project and it’s a little less exciting, it changes and becomes interesting again (in this case, with the lace yoke section).  I’m easily amused enough that little changes keep me interested in a project!



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