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Monday, April 28, 2014

Something New

After finishing the Trillian, The Babette and the Crazy Rainbow socks last week, I started a new pair of socks to learn the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, but I also wanted to start another wrap.  I decided to use a bag (10 skeins) of Noro Silk Garden Lite (Color 2043) that I got for a steal, back when Noro was going to discontinue it.  (They’ve since decided not to discontinue it, so it’s still available if you’re interested.)  I had planned to use it for a Lady Eleanor wrap, but when I got the yarn, the color changes were more dramatic than I wanted for Lady Eleanor.  I wasn’t sure what I’d use the yarn for and it’s been siting in my stash ever since.
I decided to use it to make a rectangular wrap, but knit it on the bias so the stripes in the yarn would be diagonal to the wrap.  I also decided to use seed stitch to make it because I thought the texture would help the colors to blend.  Once I began it, I realized that I should write up the pattern for this project in case anyone else wants to do something similar.  Since it will really be more of a recipe than a pattern, it can be used with any weight yarn to make any size square or rectangle thing you like.  It could be used to make a scarf, a shawl, a blanket, a placemat, really, just about anything.

So while I’ll be showing progress on the blog, I’ll be keeping notes as I go so I can put it together later!  I’ve got my width now and I’m ready to start working evenly for the length of the wrap now.

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Blogger Connie said...

I also have a bag of Noro I was going to use for a Lady Eleanor, but lost interest in that project. I'm excited to see how your wrap turns out. So far, very lovely.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Beth V. said...

A few years ago, I bought a bag of Noro Kureyon in a color way that had a lot of browns/golds/greens/purples (have no idea of the color #) and I made a Lady Eleanor as a gift for a friend. The color changes were indeed dramatic, but just gorgeous. If you spread it out on the floor and looked down, it reminded me of having a birds-eye view of divided-up farmland in the fall when all the trees are peaking in color. I should have taken a picture of it. Oops.

8:14 AM  

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