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Monday, May 05, 2014

Field Trip!

Last Friday we took a Field Trip to the Fort Worth Zoo!  Caleb didn’t know about it until Friday morning because Mickael and I wanted to surprise him.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed walking around looking at the animals.  I won’t bore you with all the pictures I took, but I will show some of my favorites.
This is one of the baby elephants they have (they have a couple of babies right now).  I think this was Bluebelle.  I just love baby elephants - they’re so cute!  Her mother was doing a good job staying close to her and taking care of her.
These two cracked me up. When we were watching them a helicopter flew over and just as soon as we could hear it, both lions immediately looked up in the sky to find it. Obviously they know where to look for helicopters, it just made me laugh.
This is a salt water crocodile and he just had a great smile. He was also huge and I was glad he couldn’t get to us.
This morning, just to remind me that dangerous animals aren’t only at the zoo, this mama duck and her tiny babies waddled across the sidewalk in front of me on my run. I figured taking a picture would help the authorities identify them when they start causing mayhem and mischief and vandalizing the golf course.  There were at least ten or a dozen babies (I didn’t get a good count), and while they were super cute, we all know ducks aren’t up to any good.



Blogger Delusional Knitter said...

Love the lions, they just look and act like big goofy cats (not saying I would run up an pet one). Mommy ducks are a little nuts, one cross in front of my truck once on a busy street (3 lanes of traffic with lights) to get to the water across, I stopped to let them go and she sat squawking at the grille of my truck for a few seconds, like she was telling it to back off and stay away from her children. I was thinking hey lady, I'm trying to let you pass, some other car is going to run you over if you keep wasting time!!!

7:20 AM  

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