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Thursday, August 14, 2014

One Row, Done!

I’ve completed 24 squares in my Meditative Stash Buster project!  As you can see, they’re being inspected by tiny gray toes before the ends get woven in.  That’s my next job - weave in the ends.  I’ll get that done before I start crocheting the squares for the next row.  I did a quick measurement of this first row (since deciding to do 24 squares per row was based on an eyeballed guesstimate that it was the right width for the blanket) and it’s about 50 inches long.  I’m loving the join-as-you-go thing because I know that I won’t have to sew thousands of little squares together later.  I do realize that as the blanket gets bigger, join-as-you-go will get a bit fiddly, but I think it’s worth the trade off.

On the home front, the only old brick we have left is the front of the house and about eight feet of one side.  I’m guessing they’ll get that removed today.  We got a new dumpster early this morning - before 7 AM (I’m sure the neighbors are loving us at this point), so whenever the crew gets here this morning it’s ready for them.  We get a new dumpster every day because the weight of the brick debris means they can only fill it about 1/3 of the way full.  (See, I’ve learned something new!)  Tomorrow the first half of our new bricks will arrive and at the rate they’re going, I think they’ll be ready for them.  Max and Logan have completely adjusted to the new activity.  Max just doesn’t care, and Logan barks once or twice and then he’s done for the day.  I’m keeping the blinds closed because as long as Logan can’t see them, he can pretend they’re not here and doesn’t feel like he’s got an obligation to bark at them.  It’s just easier on all of us.  Once Logan has done his daily woof, he settles in for his regular schedule of naps, following me around, and messing with Max.  It’s a rough life, but he’s up for the challenge.

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