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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Blue Green

I’ve added another color to my Carrie.  I’ve got a few ends to weave in, but I’ll do that when I’m all finished with the knitting.  I’ve just started the next color (it’s on the needle, so you can’t really tell), but in addition to that color, I have two more to go.  There will be a total of seven colors in this gradation.

Wonkydonkey commented yesterday that there was a lot of blue green around here right now and that’s absolutely right!  I’ve noticed as I scroll down through my Ravelry projects (they’re in order of WIP’s first, then most recently finished, going backwards in time) that there are definite color trends.  Right now it’s all about bright blues and greens, but go back a little and there are a few gray and cream projects, then red projects, then pale blue green, then dark green, then pinky, berry tones, and so on.  There are always a few projects that don’t seem to fit with the others, but I do seem to do several projects within a color range before moving on.

Have you noticed you work like this too, or are your color choices always random?

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