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Monday, August 03, 2015

Camp Loopy 2015, Project 3

Saturday morning, once I was properly caffeinated, I started cutting out the pieces for my quilt.  By lunchtime, I had them all cut.  That afternoon, I played around with different arrangements of the triangles.  I tried a scrappy layout with all the colors all over the place, but then I decided to try putting the lightest colors in the center and blending out to the darker colors around the edge.  I also took a lot of pictures of the various layouts so I could see if I had clumps of colors or anything weird going on.  (Taking a picture of a quilt in progress helps you see the overall thing and not get caught up in individual details.  It’s also a great way to make sure you don’t have one of your blocks turned the wrong way.)

What surprised me as I was doing this was how the yellow tonal just blended in with the other fabrics.  In the stack of fat quarters, when it arrived from The Loopy Ewe, that yellow stuck out like a sore thumb.  Once I started messing around with the layout, the yellow fabric settled down and played nicely with the others.  If it had been too bright, I was prepared to flip it over and use the wrong side.  The yellow was part of my Short Stack, so I had to use it, but frequently the wrong side of fabrics is lighter and more subtle than the right side.
Yesterday I started sewing the top together.  (I had to have a discussion with Logan who wanted to roll and snarlfle the pieces I had spent hours getting just where I wanted them.  He ended up being on the other side of the child gate while I sewed.)  I was really glad to have taken photos Saturday because it was easy to get the pieces flipped as I sewed them together.  Since I had the photos, I could double check that I had each row assembled correctly before I sewed it together.  I know that obsessively checking each row saved me some time with the seam ripper.  By yesterday afternoon, I had a finished quilt top!

This is a super easy pattern as long as you cut carefully and are gentle with your triangles (two of the sides are bias and will stretch if you’re not careful).  The piecing was fast and since there are no borders, once the rows are stitched together, I was finished.  Today’s goal is to get the backing sewn together.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the random-planned layout; not super symmetrical but also not total chaos. And you are right - the yellow totally mellowed out, and helps draw yellow from some of the other fabrics to make it more melodious.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Lindsay Dodds said...

Colors make me nervous. I think you did a great job playing around until you got it right. It looks perfect

10:22 AM  

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