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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Something New

In May, when I finished my Loopy Academy extra credit project (Ondine), I knew I wanted to use those colors again.  Together.  In stripes.  In fact, when I ordered more of the Natural to finish the crochet edging, I also got more of the English Rose.  I got enough of both colors to do a pullover.

This past weekend, when I finished sewing up my Alpengluehen, I started on a Seashore pullover using Malabrigo’s Mechita in Natural and English Rose.  (Yes, that is the same designer of the Alpengluehen and also Ravello.)  I’m using the same striping sequence I used on my Tea With Jam and Bread.  That is: 1 round pink, 9 rounds white, 2 rounds pink, 8 rounds white, 3 rounds pink, 7 rounds white and so on until I get to 9 rounds pink, 1 round white and then the rest of the sweater is pink.  I’ve got two balls of the English Rose and being hand dyed, there are differences, so I’m alternating them for each stripe.  If I’ll be knitting an odd number of rounds for the stripe, I knit from Ball One.  If I’ll be knitting an even number of rounds for the stripe, I knit from Ball Two.  I have the balls in marked ziploc bags to keep them straight.  After the striping sequence is finished, I’ll alternate the balls every other round.

Yesterday afternoon I got to the point where the sleeve stitches are divided from the body stitches, so the rounds are faster now.  Also, I’m really amused at watching the colors in the pink stripes, which makes the knitting seem to fly.
How is Max dealing with all this striping excitement?  With his usual style of course.

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