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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Loopy Academy, Pillow Project

One of the projects for this semester’s Loopy Academy yarn version is to make a pillow.  I’ve never knit (or crocheted) a pillow before so this is new to me.  I chose the Sea Oak pattern and I’m knitting it in Cascade 220 in a blue green heathered color.  You can see one of the backs and the beginning of the front above.

I’m knitting it tightly so I don’t get show through from the pillow form when it’s stuffed.  I didn’t worry about gauge on this because I’ll knit until the front is square and then just make sure the backs overlap so I can button them closed.  Then I’ll get a pillow form slightly larger than the pillow itself.  Using a larger pillow form makes the pillow good and fluffy.  A larger form will squish into a smaller pillow nicely (unless it’s just way too large), but a smaller form just makes a sad pillow.  It’s looking like my knitting is about 16 inches wide, so I’ll probably get an 18 inch square pillow form.  I’ll get a more precise measurement later though.

On an unrelated note, thanks for all the complements on my cardigan yesterday.  Lissa K. noticed that I’ve been on a pinky, berry colored run lately, and yes that’s true.  I noticed a few years ago as I was looking for something in my finished projects on Ravelry, that I tend to do things in a color range for a while, before moving on to another color.  I’ve got a bunch of gray projects, followed by a bunch of dark, blue green projects, then there are ivory projects, light blue green projects and so on.  This summer and fall have been leaning to the pinks.  I’ve never looked for it in other people’s projects, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t the only one who works in color families for brief periods of time.



Anonymous LeAnnW said...

Me too. One year it was greens, another was blues -and as often as possible pinks. I think sometimes it is influenced by what colors are more available each year - some years you can't find a good pink or yellow or what ever. Then there is individual preference & what colors appeal to us and are flattering to us. I always enjoy your color adventures.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Abigail Goben said...

I love the random cat foot in the corner. So many of my knitting pictures have similar bonus features.

1:25 PM  

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