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Monday, November 16, 2015


There was a second restart last week, in addition to my mitts for Loopy Academy.  As I was working on my Princess Fiona pullover in Pashmina in Ink, the yarn kind of mentioned that it would love to be a cardigan instead of a pullover.  It wasn’t causing trouble as a pullover and my gut wasn’t telling me to frog, but the yarn seemed to think that it would get more wear as a cardigan than a pullover.  So, Friday afternoon I frogged what I had and restarted to make a Dexter.  This is another pattern by Isabell Kraemer, who wrote the Ravello and Alpengluehen patterns.  I like pretty much all of her designs and I like the way they fit.  I had planned on making a Dexter out of some pink yarn, but I’m apparently going to have an Ink one too.

I made it past the separation of sleeves from body by the time The Walking Dead started last night, so I’m to the easy part now.  I don’t have buttons, but I found some possibilities on Etsy last night that I’ll probably order today.  This isn’t Christmas knitting or Loopy Academy knitting (or sewing), which is what I really should be working on, but it is fun to knit.  Pashmina is always fun to knit!



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