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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Loopy Academy, Sewing Edition

I have been waiting to start my sewing projects for Loopy Academy until I finished the quilt top.  I was afraid I’d just work on the smaller sewing projects and ignore the quilt top and it would never get finished.  Now that the quilt is off being quilted (I sent it to Hedgehog Quilting, she did my floral quilt for Camp Loopy in August also), I can get going on my Loopy Academy projects.
Yesterday, I started out with a plan to do some cutting.  I was going to get my Loopy Academy drawstring bag cut out as well as a Moss skirt.  Things did not go as planned.  I did get the majority of my drawstring bag cut out, but I made a couple of mistakes in the cutting that I then had to figure out how to fix.  I’m making the String Style Backpack With Front Crossover Pockets, and I had already decided to add some hexagon appliqués to the front crossover pockets.  When I realized that my cutting skills yesterday would not be showing up to help me, I decided to stop cutting and get the appliqués positioned instead.  I had basted the hexagon fabrics over some die cut hexagon pieces, so once I had a plan, I popped the die cut hexagon out and glued the fabric section down to the pocket with fabric glue.  The picture above is after I arranged them, but before they were glued down.  (None of the layers were sewn together at this point.)  I also trimmed basting threads before gluing them down (you can see some white threads peeking out if you look closely).

Now that the hexagons are all positioned on the pockets, I’m ready to appliqué them down!  The plan at this point is to machine appliqué them, but I haven’t worked out all the details yet.

Hopefully my cutting skills will come back soon!  I’ve got several more things that need cutting out around here!

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