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Monday, October 26, 2015

An Upper Body or A Passage to Another Dimension

This strange looking blue mess is the upper body section of my Princess Fiona pullover.  I’ve just joined the front and back at the underarm, but it’s hard to tell what’s going on at the moment.  Also, as you can see, Max decided to photobomb this morning’s blog post.  His feet make more sense than the blue blob of knitting!

As I was knitting on this over the weekend, before I joined the front and back, it was hanging off the needles and the neckline looked like a donut hole.  At the same time, Max decided he was cold and was trying to make a nest in my lap.  He thought that by climbing through the neck hole, he could find a place that was warmer.  He tried it several times, going both ways, but apparently there wasn’t really a warm spot in the other dimension either.  Max’s understanding of time, space, and general physics is different from mine.  I will give him credit for persistence.  He will keep trying until he gets where he wants to be, whether it’s through the neckline of a sweater in progress or down the sleeve of a jacket I’m wearing.  It does make knitting interesting when I’m trying to knit something Max is trying to use as a portal to another dimension.



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