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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Loopy Academy Placemats

My third project for the Loopy Academy Sewing Edition was a set of four placemats.  I've never made placemats before, but we use them around here constantly.  I love the look of the fancy, pieced placemats, but once you plop a plate on them (or in Caleb's case, a giant pile of goldfish crackers), you can't see all the piecing.  I decided to keep things simple and just use one fabric for each side and bind them with a third.  I also added some simple quilting just to keep things from shifting around.
One side has a bias printed plaid.
The other side has a dark batik.
The binding is a bias cut, tiny check print.  (I love plaids and checks as binding.)  I did the binding completely by machine.

I also used the leftover scraps for some little coasters.  These don't have binding, I just sewed them and flipped them and added a bit of quilting.  You can see them in the first picture.

So now I've completed my first semester of Loopy Academy and I have a set of reversible placemats!  I could definitely see myself making more of these, both the full size and the little coaster size.  They were fast and fun to make.

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