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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What Do Middle Earth and Seahorses Have In Common?

Sepp the Seahorse 
One of the benefits of homeschooling is that we can take some time and wander off on whatever learning tangents we want to.  (Within reason of course.)  British Literature is one of Caleb's subjects this year and he is finishing up The Hobbit.  At some point we decided that after he had read it, we had discussed it, and he had finished the writing assignment for it, we should watch the movies and compare and contrast the book versus the movies.  (The compare and contrast part was my idea, he just wanted to veg out and watch the movies.)  One of us mentioned that it would be like a field trip to Middle Earth, so that's what we did yesterday!

We ended up eating our sack lunches (you always have to bring a sack lunch on a field trip, right?) in Rivendell and then tea and afternoon snacks were in the Woodland Realm.  In between all the meals though, I worked on Sepp the Seahorse.  He's my last project for Loopy Academy this semester and I need to get him finished.  I got quite a bit done yesterday in between the orcs and the spiders and the battles, and I've actually finished his body!  I'm ready to begin his head now, but I've got to find his eyes before I can start working on his head.  I think they're upstairs somewhere.  I've still got his head, hood, arms, and fins to make.  Then there's his baby.  Finishing his body means I'm most of the way done, but there's a lot of small details that get added before he's completely finished.  I've got one month to get everything done (oh, and there's also Christmas and four family birthdays in there too).  I better get hooking!

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