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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Striping Along

Pink Lemonade socks 
My second Pink Lemonade sock is moving along nicely.    When I bought this yarn, it was a limited edition colorway and it came in a matching pink lemon sock bag (I'll try to get a photo of the bag next time I blog these socks - it's super cute).  Naturally, I was morally obligated to purchase the set.  This all happened a few years ago and the yarn sat in stash until this summer when I cast on for these socks.  At some point after I cast on and started these, Biscotte and Cie announced in an email that this "Lemonade" colorway was part of their regular line up!  The bags seem to have only been part of the limited offer, but the yarn itself is now available from their website.  This makes me un-explainably happy and I wanted to make sure I shared this critical information with you.

Carry on.



Blogger Biscotte said...

Nice sock! That's a good thing you've got the project bag because we are out of this fabric now ;)

8:48 AM  

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