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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Something Fast

Rikke cupcake hat 
This weekend I found myself wanting to knit a super quick project that would give me a sense of completion with minimal effort on my part.  (Ever have those kinds of days?)  I decided a worsted weight hat would be exactly what I needed so I grabbed the 10K gift skein from ESK and cast on!

This is Mrs. Crosby Steamer Trunk in A Sweet Race (ESK exclusive color) knit in the Rikke hat pattern.  In my experience, Lorna's Laces yarns tend to pool weirdly and since Mrs. Crosby is part of Lorna's Laces, I've just avoided it as well.  I was pleasantly surprised that at least in worsted weight and this hat pattern it didn't pool but came out really well!  It looks like a cupcake with sprinkles on top.  I've knit the Rikke pattern before and knew it worked up quickly and it did not fail me this time.  In about 24 hours from casting on I was weaving in ends and blocking my finished hat.

Now I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere and can get back to my longer, more involved projects!



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