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Monday, August 06, 2018

I'm Baaack! (Almost)

Dragonfly pullover 
I'm just about ready to start the shoulder shaping on the back piece of my Relax pullover!  One thing about knitting an oversized, boxy pullover (the kind I like to wear) is that you have to knit oversized, boxy pieces.  Those take a while.  On the other hand, I will have row numbers for shaping and everything I'll need to know by the time I start the front, so it should go faster.  (I've gone ahead and made notes in the pattern with Imperial measurements.)  I also know the sleeves will probably take longer to pick up stitches than they will to knit because they're fairly fitted.

All this to say, I think my amusement with the colorway is helping because it keeps me interested as I knit miles of stockinette stitch.  While I'm sure I would wear one of these in a solid color, I'm not sure how easy it would be to knit.  I'd have to plan my Netflix very carefully.



Anonymous LeAnn Whiting said...

Just a quick thank you for introducing me to the Moneta dress pattern. I used it for "Grandma's Sewing Camp" & with only a couple of modifications for the smallest granddaughter (about a child's 10/12), the girls made really cute and wearble dresses from it.

10:26 AM  

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