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Friday, March 04, 2005

Baby's Got Back

See what Caleb's holding? I'm almost finished with the back of the BBC! I have just 8 more rows, including shoulder shaping and the back is finished. It will be finished tonight and pinned out to block. I hope to finish the sleeves tonight too, then I only have the hood to knit, sew it together, add the button, and tune in Monday for a Finished shot of the BBC! Also, there is BIG NEWS here at Pink Lemon Twist. PINK LEMON TWIST IS AN INTERNATIONAL BLOG! Yeah, yeah, I know WORLD wide web and all that, but yesterday I got visited by The Canadian Knitting Goddess, The Wool Pig herself....THE YARN HARLOT! That's right, look in yesterday's comments, the one comment there, its from Stephanie! I'm having a total Wayne and Garth moment here (we're not worthy, we're not worthy). Mickael, poor thing, just doesn't get why I'm so excited here. I keep trying to explain it to him but he doesn't understand terms like "Knitting Celebrity" and "Queen of the Latvian Mittens for People with Three Hands." (If you're not a regular Harlot reader, there was this incident with some gorgeous Latvian Mittens involving two right hand ones, it was heartbreaking and tragic, she had to knit one for the left hand). Anyway, huge news here going into the weekend, have a great one!


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