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Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Peacock marches on...or waddles in a slow and limpy kind of way

The Peacock Shawl is now 310 stitches across. I only have to add 185 more stitches over the next 94 rows and then I'm done! That's right, only 94 more rows to go, then I can get this off the needles, block it to death and actually see what I've knitted. Each right side row is only taking about 30 minutes to knit right now so I figure it should take me another 6 years, 4 months to complete. As you can see, its getting bigger and harder to spread out - actually, I didn't even try today since last time it barely fit on the two needles. If you want to see what it looks like spread out, blocked, finished and beautiful again, go here. Notice you can also buy a kit and make your own/drive yourself bonkers along with me! If you're not a blue or green kind of person, I found a really great picture here, about halfway down the page. Aren't those pinks and coppery colors great? Totally not the colors I think of when I think about Peacocks (we won't discuss the things I think of when I think, "Peacocks" right now, this isn't that kind of blog) but there he is, wearing those colors. Since I doubt you want to hear me rant again this week, and there's not really much to see, I'll give another Peacock update next week, with more peacock colors and maybe some interesting something or other about peacocks to distract you from the miniscule progress I've made on the shawl.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought that pattern a while ago and have been hunting for the perfect yarn ever since. I look for it everywhere I go. Thanks for the link to the peacocks of many colours....maybe I was thinking to narrowly.

(Yarn harlot)

9:56 AM  

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