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Friday, April 29, 2005

A more detailed shot so you can see the lace pattern. I am so happy with this wrap. It measures 26 inches wide by 77 inches long so its big enough to not fall off my shoulders and long enough to drape nicely. We have a friend getting married this summer and I plan to wear it to the wedding (over a green dress). I'm also excited because in this wrap is the first yarn I ever spun on Arwen when I got her for Christmas. If I did it again, I might go down a size in needles but otherwise I wouldn't change a thing. Feather and Fan is the ultimate pattern for portability, just four rows in a repeat and only one of them is the kind you really have to pay attention to. I've got another shawl in mind to start but this is my own design so I need to make sure that I've got it all figured out before I start. Enjoy your weekend. I'm counting down the days to Maryland. I actually had a dream about it last night already!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! and so sheer! and Caleb looks so proud, :)
Caleb's Grandmother

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your stole is just wonderful. I am spinning some yarn for a challenge and am going to make a scarf, I am now thinking maybe I will do it in the feather and fan pattern, as I don't have a lot of time. Can you tell me how many wraps per inch your yarn was. Also how many yards it took for your stole which will give me an idea how much I will need Did you do a garter sts. border on it?
thanks spinner Lynn

5:51 PM  

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