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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Sleeves Strike Back

I've gotten more done on my sleeves, in fact I'm either finished with the cuffs or just a couple of rows away from finishing the cuffs (I'm going to remeasure once the caffeine has taken hold).  They are deep cuffs, but they are essentially done.  Next is stockinette stitch - glorious stockinette stitch, that I can work without looking (can't do that with the cuffs, must pay attention to those).  I'm looking forward to the rest of the sleeves.  Odd rows, knit.  Even rows, purl.  I won't have to think, just knit!  I love seed stitch and it's variations (which is what the cuff is made of), but it doesn't just flow off the needles for me.  I have to pay attention to it.  I love that it lies flat, I love it's bumpy texture, I love the look of it.  I just don't enjoy knitting it as much as I love the finished product.  Thankfully, I think it's worth knitting, and it's not like it's a hard stitch to work, it just takes more concentration to do it.

Oh, and I still love the color, did I mention how much I adore this color?  Cove:  It's just so weird and yummy all at the same time!  Every time I knit with it I want to scour the Internets and buy ALL THE  COVE.  Just in case they stop dyeing it or something.  Or like the end of the world comes and I can't get it anymore.  (I know Madelinetosh is just down the road in Ft. Worth, but I'm operating under the assumption that if zombies show up, they'll probably quit dyeing yarn for the near future.)  Yesterday I noticed that The Loopy Ewe has Cove in Pashmina.  I'd probably die of bliss!  Can you imagine - weird Cove beautifulness in cashmere and silk blended squishyness?  It would be like taking Logan to an All You Can Eat Meatball Palace - he'd just pop!

Ok, well that got a little strange.  Never mind.  Carry on with your Wednesday.

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