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Monday, March 18, 2013

We Now Return To Normal

This morning Caleb is back to school, Mickael is back to work, and I'm cooling down from my run.  Logan is inspecting his bowl for any stray food molecules and Max is sitting in the window watching birds.  In other words, it's Monday.  Last week was wonderful.  Lots of lazy mornings, days filled with whatever we wanted, and a couple of family adventures.  I read, I knit, I read some more.  It was just a really good week for all of us.
One of the things I worked on was my second Endpaper Mitt.  I've started the thumb gusset now.  These won't be needed until the weather cools off again in the Fall, but I still want to get them finished up soon.  I'm wanting to get several projects finished.  I feel like there are too many loose ends and there are other things I want to start.  I'm trying so hard to be good and finish up what's already started, but my attention wanders and I'm dreaming of new projects.  Maybe it's the time of year, I love seeing all the trees budding.  The Bradford Pears are blooming and Red Buds are full of glorious color.  All the new growth of Spring is probably what's making me want new projects around here.  Whatever it is, I'm determined to get a few things finished up before I start anything new.  Remind me of that later, would you?



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