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Monday, February 24, 2014

Something Little and Maybe Silly

After the Ravellenic knitting, the only thing I have on the needles is my Fair Isle vest and I’ve got to sit down to that when I have some quiet time when I restart it.  (Quiet time = no school questions and Max is asleep.)  I have the hexipuffs, but I wanted something else.  It needed to be small, portable and brainless.  I decided to knit a washcloth!
No, I haven’t lost my mind (although there are days where it’s close).  I just need a little extra help exfoliating my face at this time of year.  I have had a Clarisonic for about seven years now and it’s made a huge difference for my skin (my skin is super oily, but gets dry in the winter), but I need a little extra scrubbing during the winter.  We only have a few washcloths and I don’t want to do laundry every few days, so I decided to try making one and see how I like it.  This is linen stitch, which makes a very smooth texture on the front (the top picture) and a nubby, bumpy one on the back (the picture above).  I only had to memorize two patterns (a RS and a WS) and it can be knit without thinking.  If I like it, once it’s finished, there may be more washcloths!

Don’t worry, there will also be more exciting things around here too.  If you’re curious, the project page is here.

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Anonymous Suzanne said...

Not at all silly, I love washcloths. I gave each of my daughters and their husbands and children washcloths for Christmas, along with handmade soaps from Etsy. They stay looking good for years.

6:40 PM  

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