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Friday, October 16, 2015

Almost a Quilt Top!

I know this photo looks a lot like last Friday’s photo, but if you look closely, you can see that this week, the blocks are sewn together!  I’ve still got to add borders before the top is finished.  Then I have to sew the backing together and it’s off to be quilted!

I’ve had the blocks spread out on the sewing room floor for a week now which means I had to put the child gate up to keep Logan out of the room.  Logan is NOT a good quilting dog.  He moves blocks around, rolls on them, and does Snowplow Nose through the middle of them.  Considering that he’s really a good dog with everything else, I can deal with his quilting issues.  Anyway, since the sewing room is temporarily a Logan free zone, Max has been coming in to play more (he usually gets snarfled by Logan in there and doesn’t have space to explore).  I think Max knows this is a quilt because I caught him trying to climb underneath it for a nap.  He’s also plopped down in the middle of it to keep it from wandering off.

I’m hoping to send this off to Hedgehog Quilting by the end of next week, so I guess I better get out the super long tape measure so I know how long to make the borders!  Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous Joyce said...

"Snowplow nose" made me laugh! I'm sure he has a great time rearranging the blocks for you.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Sonja said...

I'm pretty sure he just tries to help with your quilt :-) By the way, hello from Germany - I've been visiting your blog for many years now.... from Finn to Logan and from Ramius to Max. I love it when Logan is allowed to blog :-)

8:14 AM  

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