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Thursday, December 01, 2016


I've made it past the heel turn on my Scatterby Socks!  Isn't it amazing how many other projects I can work on when I'm not slogging my way in circles around a giant blanket?  (To be fair, the circles that slogged were only the later circles at the very end.  The early and middle rounds went pretty quickly.)

There was a question about this pattern last time I blogged it.  I mentioned that the pattern was written toe up, but I'm knitting it top down.  The question was about reversing the stitch pattern.  In a stitch pattern like this one, I didn't worry about it being reversed because it's essentially the same whether you knit it top down or toe up.  If it was a more complex stitch pattern it would be a different situation.  When you're looking at reversing the direction of the knitting, the easiest way to see what the stitch pattern will look like upside down is just to flip your iPad upside down.  If you don't like what it looks like upside down, you can either choose a different stitch pattern or knit in the direction the pattern is written.  Some stitch patterns can be "reversed" but it's not always as simple as it sounds and you'll need to double check with a swatch.  I'm usually too lazy to bother switching things on more complex stitch patterns so I'd just knit toe up.



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