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Friday, December 09, 2016

This Seahorse Really Knows How to Get A-Head in Life!

I've gotten quite a lot done on Sepp's head - he even has eyes now!  I don't have any stuffing in his head yet, that's why it doesn't quite look right.  Next time I sit down to work on him, I'll be adding stuffing first.  I don't have too much more crochet to do to finish his head and then there's his hood, his arms, a pouch for his baby, fins, and all the finishing details.  Then I'll have to make his baby.

Sepp is clearly the most involved project I'm working on right now but I still think I can get him finished before the year is out.  He's technically the only project that has a deadline so I'd better get him finished before the year is out!  I hope to get some work done on him over the weekend.

Fun random fact that has nothing to do with this blog?  If you start doing puns around Caleb, he groans and leaves the room (or if I'm in his room causing trouble, he tells me to leave the room).  Teenagers are fun!

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