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Monday, December 05, 2016

Little Things

I took the little crochet motifs I showed you Friday and now they are finished.  What did I do?  I'll show you.
I wove in the ends of the yarn and blocked them flat.  (Apparently I decided my leg would make a great background for blog photos.  I'm questioning that decision this morning, but it's too late to worry about it.)  Then I spent about 30 minutes looking around my house for something round that was just slightly larger than my little stars/flowers.  When I finally found it, I used it to cut out felt circles - white felt for the red ones and black felt for the blue multi ones.  Then I tacked down the crochet motifs on the felt.  The carefully blocked out points melted into the felt and gave the shapes more of a flower look.  Oh well.
I added buttons in the center.  I found some sparkly snowflake buttons for the red ones.  Then it was time to glue!  First I picked out my giant paper clips (I found these colored ones at Kroger, of all places), then I put some glue where the clip would go and dotted it around the back of one circle.  I put another circle down on the glue and used my Clover Wonder clips to everything together and keep the paper clip in place while the glue dried.  I used the same fabric glue I used to glue rhinestones and shells all over my mermaid costume from a couple of years ago - Gem Tac maybe?  Anyway, once it was dry I just stitched around the circles as neatly as I could and...
...TA DA!!!  Book marks!

I'm really happy with how these came out, but if I ever do them again, I might try to make them a little smaller.  They are very lightweight so I think they'll work just fine anyway.



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