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Friday, February 28, 2014

Finished Objects!

It didn’t help this week’s blog posts that in addition to a complete lack of motivation we had some morning appointments.  I did get a couple of small projects started and finished though!
I finished my first washcloth!  (Rav project page link.)  I want to weigh it before I use it for the first time so I know how much yardage I used (and I can figure out how many I can get from each ball of yarn).  I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton (and it is a nice, soft cotton) in Aqua.  It’s knit in Linen Stitch, which is an interesting stitch to work and I’ve always loved the look of it.  This was a fun, fast knit.
I also made a Peppercorn Bracelet.  (Rav Project Page for this one.)This is a cute way to use beads and small, leftover bits of sock yarn.  The hardest part was prestringing all the beads and that’s because Max made it difficult.  I’ve actually been trying to get beads on for a few months now, but every time I think of it, he wakes up and “helps".  Yesterday I was helping Caleb review for a science test and Max was downstairs asleep, so I took the beads and yarn upstairs and got them all strung!  The actual knitting of the bracelet was super fast and easy.  It wraps three times around my wrist.  The pattern actually calls for tying the bracelet around your wrist, but that implies keeping it on for an extended period of time.  I want the option to take the bracelet on and off, so I chained a loop at one end and attached a button at the other end.  I kind of kept notes, but I should probably make another one soon just to make sure I got the notes right.  Also, I kind of have a lot of beads and leftover sock yarn, so I could definitely make a few of these!

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Anonymous kayT said...

I could use a pattern for that bracelet! I too have a surplus of beads and sock yarn.

5:27 PM  

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