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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This Winter

I have nothing to show for today.  Nada.  I haven’t knit anything, thought about knitting anything, wound any yarn or anything else that is remotely related to this blog.  I have been a potato.  Last night I finally realized why I didn’t feel like getting anything done:  I’m cold.

This winter has been cold everywhere, and while I won’t compare our temps here in north Texas with those in the upper midwest and northeast parts of the country, it’s been colder than usual here as well.  Last year there was one, maybe two mornings that I couldn’t run because it was too cold*.  I’ve lost track of the number of mornings I’ve cancelled a run this winter due to it being too cold.  This morning I was so fed up with it, I ran anyway.  I thought about leaving Logan at home where he’d be warm, but I knew he wanted to get out there too, so we ran, we did it, and now I’m sitting here at the kitchen table typing this blog entry with my ear warmer on.  The temperature actually dropped this morning while we were out running and the wind picked up, which made the wind chill drop even farther.  I know in the next few weeks, I’ll be able to put away my fuzzy running tights and the shorts will come out again, but today, while I sit here with frozen ears, it’s hard to get my head around.

Last week it got warm here.  The sun came out.  I was able to leave the house without a jacket.  It was wonderful.  That’s all gone again now, and I’m cold.  Again.  I’m sick of being cold.  I’m ready for some warmer weather.  I’m ready for Spring!

*In case you’re curious, my threshold for “too cold to run” is 20 degrees F.  Both the actual temp and the wind chill have to be at least 20 for me to run.  Below that temperature, it’s just too hard to stay warm enough to feel things like feet.  This morning the wind chill was 19 when I woke up and 16 when Logan and I got back from our run.



Blogger Saren Johnson said...

Those are some cold temps for Texas.

8:24 AM  

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