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Monday, March 10, 2014

This Sock Just Keeps Getting Crazier!

I’ve worked two more wedges on my sock leg!  The wedges have to be worked in pairs in order to keep it sock shaped, so I’ve got to decide if I’m going to work another two or if I’ll start the heel now.  I’ve got plenty of yarn, I’m just not sure how long I want the legs on these.  I’ll probably try them on later today and make some decisions then.

I’m loving the way the short rows are working with the colors of this yarn.  They’re easy to work and each wedge seems to go pretty quickly, but it might just be that I’m easily amused by the wonky stripes.

We had an adventure last friday afternoon:  we went to Ikea for the first time!  Yes, I realize we’re a little bit slow, but we don’t live anywhere near the Ikea here and we knew it was a big enough place we’d need some time.  We had so much fun!  (Remember, I’m easily amused.)  We ate Swedish Meatballs just so we could say we did and we wandered through the whole store.  (Caleb was so bored by the end.)  We got a few little kitchen things and I got a Raskog cart (in Turquoise of course) which is now filled with project bags, crochet books and octopus yarn.  Speaking of, it’s probably time for me to figure out how to crochet something other than octopi or it’s going to get a little weird around here.

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Blogger mamayaga said...

Love your socks!

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

Love your socks and can't wait to start mine!

I've never been to Ikea. I have a feeling I'd come home with more than a cart!!

6:13 AM  

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