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Monday, March 03, 2014


So, it’s a Monday morning in March and the wind chill is -1F and we had an ice storm yesterday.  Here, in north Texas (just in case you were thinking I was giving a weather report for Canada or something).  Max is loving the fat birds outside, but since he has an indoor litter box, he doesn’t really understand what they’re going through.  Logan did his business really fast this morning because I’ve been combing out his winter coat over the past few (warm) days, so he doesn’t have as much insulation out there.  He’s still got a nice, thick coat, it’s just not as thick as it was.

I think the cold weather that just won’t go away is affecting my knitting.  I just don’t want to work on my Redbud Vest right now.  It’s my only big project on the needles (big because it’s stranded color work, it’s still a vest, so not even as big as a sweater) and I have no motivation to work on it.  I’ve double checked it against the directions and for gauge and I’m doing it right on both counts, so it’s not like I’m ignoring it because the little voice is telling me something is off.  I think it’s just this cold that won’t leave.  My brain doesn’t want to deal with complex things right now.  I just want to make small, simple projects.  I realized last night that even my Ravellenic projects were simple (the blanket was 80% stockinette) and small (the bag).  All I want to do is cast on simple and quick things.

I’ve decided to just go with it and let the Redbud Vest hibernate for a bit.  I’ll be ready to work on more complex things soon, but until then, I’ll knit the small, fast things.
Last night I got most of another Peppercorn Bracelet made (Max was asleep).  This time I used a pale pink with some silver lined, clear beads.  I’m all done with the knitting part where I anchor the beads and I’ll attach the button with some more crochet (I started with a crochet button loop at the beginning).  I wanted to share a photo of it before I finished the bracelet and blocked it - it reminds me of a tentacle in its unblocked state!  Here’s the Rav project page link.  I just added this one to the previous project page.  I think I’m going to make a few of these and there’s no point in making a separate page for each one.

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Blogger Susan Canterbury said...

I'm an exp. from North Texas (and a knitter). I LOVE your posts (and your patterns; Scherazad went to Alaska with me last year). I remember more than one March ice storm.

Anyway, you never know who your words will touch. Thanks for the dose of Texas.

Susan C.

10:08 AM  

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