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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Soft and Fluffy

I’ve gotten quite a bit done on my new mohair bias loop.  I’ve found that it’s perfect to drag around with me during the day and I can get a row or two done during our little breaks in homeschool.  Those little bits are really adding up!  I’m always amazed, when I’m knitting these, how such lightweight yarn can possibly work on such large needles.  I know it’s fuzzy, but when you look at it, it just looks like there’s no way it’s going to knit up into a fabric.  I realize that it’s at least half air (that’s how it keeps you warm - you have a little cloud of warm air around your neck), but it actually looks like it has some substance, even though it’s being knit on big needles.  I love these things!  That’s probably good because I have yarn upstairs for three more of these!



Blogger Karen said...

I love this pattern, too. I made one in a slightly paler gray a few years ago. It was great for travel knitting, and the shawl is so versatile--it can be a warm cozy scarf or a shawl to keep shoulders warm. For travel it packs into a tiny bundle.

9:37 AM  

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