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Thursday, October 22, 2015


Last night I added borders to the black and gray chevron quilt.  I used mitered corners, although you can’t really tell in the black borders when I take photographs at night.  Trust me, they’re mitered.

I’m sewing the backing together today, and then this will be ready to send off for quilting!

Once this is sent off, I’m going to get started on Loopy Academy Sewing.  I’ve been waiting to finish this quilt first, but I’m looking forward to working on some smaller projects.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your off-hand comment about "sending it off for quilting" struck a nerve ---- I have several pieced tops that are just sitting, because I can't stand wrangling them through my standard sewing machine and I am just not very good at hand quilting. I looked into sending them out years ago, but it was really expensive, but after your post I did a quick search at my local fabric/quilt shops and was surprised at how affordable it is now! Woot!

10:39 AM  

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