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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Five More Bracelets!

Over the weekend I made five more of the beaded bracelets!  Yesterday I unpinned them from blocking and finished off ends.  I’ve also been putting a tiny bit of Fray Check on the knots to keep things from loosening on me later.  I’ve pretty much used up my “leftover” beads in size 6 at this point.  Want to see them?

Here’s the dark charcoal yarn with dark purple, iridescent beads.
This one is a red violet yarn (that leans to the blue side) with copper lined, purple, iridescent beads.
This one is lime sherbet yarn with clear, silver lined beads.
This one is aqua yarn with the same clear, silver lined beads.
And the last one is sky blue yarn with matte, royal blue, cube shaped beads.  This one took some figuring because the beads are larger than the seed beads.
There was a request in the comments last time I blogged about these bracelets for a photo of the bracelet being worn, so here’s one of my earlier bracelets being worn.  They go around my wrist three times, although I could make them longer if I just kept stringing beads.  You could also wear more than one bracelet at once if you wanted more on your wrist.  They’re very lightweight and beads give them a drape so they sit nicely on your wrist.
Here’s what it looks like when the button twists to the top.  I put the button on the inside of my wrist, but since I talk with my hands (and I wear these on my right hand), the buttons rotate out to the outside and then back to the inside and so on, throughout the day.  It doesn’t really bother me, but I thought I’d show what it looks like.
In other news, this was the view from my lap last night - right up until Jaws started and then he turned around and watched the movie.  I don’t know exactly why he watched Jaws, but he likes ocean movies (his first movie was Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - he seems to have a thing for mermaids).

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