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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trying Something New

I thought I’d begin with answering some of yesterday’s comments.  I do intend to crochet a little something for Max, but it won’t have eyes and I’ll have to make it bigger than the mini octopi he likes so much.  (It has to be bigger because if Logan eats it - and he has a history of stealing Max’s toys from him, not eating them, but stealing them - it could cause intestinal blockage and after Finn we don’t take those chances.)  I won’t be crocheting for Logan since his approach to soft toys is to rip and destroy.  Amy of the comments wanted to know what I was using the octopi for.  I’m not really using them for anything.  I have one on my key ring, but the rest of them are sitting in Max inaccessible places, including the two I made for Caleb.  I had no idea I was supposed to have a use or a plan for my octopi!  I will have to think about this further…
In the meantime,  I decided to go ahead and try knitting something a little bit bigger and little bit more complex than a bracelet, a washcloth or an octopus.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m in SpaceCadet Creations’ Mini Skein Club in the Ombre and Gradient Mix and I really like it.  A couple of months ago, I got a pack of mini skeins that went from pale, icy blue to a deep, dark gray blue.  I decided these would be perfect for a Song of the Sea cowl, using the darkest color on the largest waves, blending to the lightest color on the tiny waves.  The yardage on these isn’t enough to make a long cowl, and I really don’t need too many snug cowls here, so I split the difference and I’m working 12 repeats for a medium length cowl.  Hopefully.  I cast on last night after double checking my math (the fact that I was even willing to work out the math is a good sign that I’m ready for bigger projects), and I’ve just barely started the first big breakers.  Here’s the Rav project page link if you’re interested.

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